Introducing Carrie KC West

Hi, I’m Carrie,

I am a Transformational Story Coach on a mission to help individuals cultivate and create a life they dream of by challenging the current narrative of pre-existing doubts and fears, revealing subconscious truths, and then eliminating self-limiting beliefs. We together rewrite your story into one of happiness.

Changing the world one story at a time.

Life isn’t about achieving “goals”
It’s about living your dreams!
—Carrie KC West

Introducing: Samworth

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”
—Carol Burnett

My Recent Book

Memoir of an
Ordinary Person

and her journey to an extraordinary life

When I attended the American Film Institute, it was due to my love of stories and storytelling. Stories were how I comforted myself in the madness and terror of my house when I was born. I endured trauma and panic from the moment I took my first breath. As a child, my family rejected me. I learned to fend for myself, sometimes with near catastrophic results. And yet, I am now a thriving successful adult. This book is the story of making peace with the people who as my family, should have protected me, but didn’t. Through understanding and healing, I built an amazing, extraordinary life. In telling my story, I want to inspire others that they can overcome anything.

“Anyone can change!”

Introducing a new program with Carrie KC West

Change Your Story Change Your Life

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Please join me in my program Change Your Story Change Your Life in early 2024.

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